About Our Company

About Our company

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The company was founded as Kajal the brick by brothers, suresh kumar singh and naresh kumar singh. The first warehouse opened on September 17th, 2000 in Thakur bhigha,Daudnagar,Aurangabad,Bihar.

Kajal the Brick has continually advanced the art and science of brickmaking, to make brick an affordable, sustainable, enduring, and beautiful choice for builders, contractors, institutions, and businesses.

Kajal the brick Company makes brick for every type of home and for every budget, from starter homes to residence.Kajal the Brick products transform neighborhoods, towns and communities Kajal the Brick has nourished many enduring partnerships - with architects, builders, masons, suppliers, and employees.The sum of these relationships is why the company proudly says: The perfect partnership starts with Kajal the Brick

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